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Our Showroom

(Less than 1 hour from Dublin)

  • Milltownpass, Co Westmeath Ireland, N91 VF85

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Open Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm. Showroom open to the public by appointment.

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    What Our Clients Say!

    author thumb John Peter
    author thumb Sami Wade
    author thumb Sami Wade

    I would just like to convey my gratitude to Wright Windows and their excellent team on a job well done. Firstly I would like to thank John Mulholland, who must have the patience of a saint as I did change my mind about three times, as I do admit to have been fussy and pedant about the whole project. On that note it brings me to the installation team Austin and Max, first class professionals in their trade. I really wasn’t looking forward to the job, the mess and the problems that I thought would be there. However, the lads did an excellent job, no mess and not one cracked or broken tile, and made easy work of a complicated job. They were professional, courteous and were very particular in finishing every little detail to the highest standard. Thanks to the lads I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anybody.

    I would just like to say that we continue to be more than impressed with the service from your company. Further to my e-mail below, I immediately got a call from Donal who said he would send someone to see our windows. He was very thorough and helpful with his follow up ensuring that it was a time that suited us. One of your team came to the house last week (I don’t know his name unfortunately) and he looked at the window, resealed it and did a tidy up job on most of the windows in the house. Customer care like this is exceptional and to get it 3 years after the project is very impressive.

    I just wanted to pass on my gratitude at the fantastic work that your fitters did on a porch that was recently fitted in my home in Butterstream Manor, Trim. The quality of the work is amazing and I will certainly be recommending your company to family and friends.

    Just a short email to thank your company for the really professional job you did in replacing 11 windows and a patio door in my house over the past two days. The experience has been really positive -from the team who measured up to the team who installed. Nothing was a problem -the price was competitive -the advice and service professional -and the end result is fully meeting our expectations. Please convey our thanks to all involved and I have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of my friends.

    Just a short note to let you know your company has just finished replacing my windows (16 no) and rear door (1 no) today. I would like to thank you for the absolutely brilliant service from John Mulholland and the two lads Austin and Max who installed the windows/door.

    A sincere thank you for looking after us so well. We are thrilled with our new windows and can’t fault their installation; Frank and his colleague Declan were terrific. So, a big thank you to all, Maurice.